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Mariner’s Appear Desperate


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Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners

Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well in case any of you have been lost in the wilderness, unplugged from the seemingly constant flow of information, and for some strange reason this is the first place you come to for your Mariner fix (first of all thank you) the Mariners got themselves tangled up in a 3-way swap that ended up netting them Mike Morse in exchange for John Jaso.

The reaction has not been pleasant around Marinerverse, and for good reason. Jaso was not only a fan favorite, but an exceptionally useful player as well. His struggles are well documented: can’t hit lefties, no arm, poor defender, etc. However, the Mariners didn’t solve anything by convincing themselves he was worth parting with for the equally flawed Morse.

Morse of course is a certified masher, something Seattle clearly is going to extreme depths to obtains–as evidence by the haul AZ was to receive for Justin Upton. His 2011 season, in which Morse slugged 31 home runs, is what the majority of those who support this deal will point too in justification. His proneness to injury and lack of other useful abilities outside of slugging would be argued by the other side of the coin.

The Mariners made mistake, not one that will cripple the organization, but a mistake nonetheless.

It’s late and I’ll hit on this more tomorrow, after all I’ve only scratched the surface on why this is a bad move for the Mariners.


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