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Mariners Acquire Upton, Upton Disagrees


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Update 2: According to Jon Heyman, the big 3 pitcher was indeed Walker. This swings the deal heavily in favor of the Dbacks, and is a large price to pay for a guy who may not be dedicated to the organization. Unless the Mariners can work out some sort of an extension with Upton, I can’t say I support this deal.

Update: The Package would have included Nick Franklin, Stephen Pryor, Charlie Furbush, and one of Taijuan Walker, James Paxton, or Danny Hultzen. Obviously if the last player is Paxton, as opposed to the other two, this comes out a bit better for Seattle, who would continue to maintain control of their most talented pitching prospects.

Today the Mariners agreed upon a deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks that would have netted them Justin Upton, in exchange for a substantial package of young prospects. While the two front offices agreed the parameters of the deal, Upton had a different opinion nixing the deal that would have sent him to one of the four teams on his no trade list.

No trade list haven’t proved to be too large of an obstacle in the past, however when the list is as small as four teams, then it probably can be assumed that the player genuinely has no desire to play for those teams. This appears to be the case today. While it has not been released as to whether the Mariners attempted to throw some money in the way of Upton in order to sway his decision, I still believe that it is going to be nearly impossible to change the Arizona star’s mind (though I hope I am wrong). There is always the chance that I could be wrong, that Upton’s agent has strategically planned this situation out for quite some time. Perhaps Upton is looking for a lump sum of money or a contract extension, only Upton and his agent know for sure.

As for the package put together by the Mariners, we’ll have to wait for further information to be released.

Is this frustrating? Yes, extraordinarily, but you have to be pleased with the moves the front office has attempted to make this offseason. Stay tuned, this may not be over, as we certainly do not have all of the details.


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